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This summer is going to be EPIC.
I've been dying to get back to Garmisch for the summer and this time, instead of spending just two weeks there, I'll be spending 2 months in this gorgeous city!
Are you jealous?

And THEN, in mid July I'm going to Berlin for a study abroad!
I'm beyond excited! Everyone I've talked to that has either visited Berlin or lived there has nothing but good things to say about this city.

Berlin, I hear, is THE place to be.
Especially if you're young and looking for an adventure.
It's rich in history and culture, teeming with tons of art galleries, museums, record shops, döner kebap stands, beer gardens, cafés and much, much more.

And, lucky me -- I get to study at one one of Berlin's oldest universities, which is home to some of Germany's greatest thinkers, including Albert Einstein.

There's also a never-ending list of sites to see, like the Brandenburg Tor, the Fernsehturm, Museum Island and the Berlin Wall.

I'll certainly try to see as many historical places as I can, but I'm also looking forward to exploring other parts of the city and getting off the beaten path.
I've already met a couple locals who have promised to show me the real Berlin and take me to do things that aren't in any tour guide.

This summer is going to be amazing!

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  1. That is SO awesome girl! I hope you blog while you're abroad!!


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