Long-Distance Lovin'

Um, have I ever told you how much long-distance relationships suck?!
I haven't?
Well they do. 
And I am SO glad that shaz is OVER with! 
But I did learn a ton of things about myself and about my relationship with my popsicle stick 
lover man. {He's a skinny string bean bean pole.} Say that five times fast!
I listed some of my tips and advice over at Bri's blog, Just Bri.

So go check, check, check it out!
She's doing a Long-Distance Lovin' Series all week long with some other lovely bloggers who are sharing their stories and love tips as well.
Lot's of good stuff over there.
So bust a move and hop on over there.

Then come back and tell me how much you loved it! :)
You don't have to.
But it would be sweet if ya did.
Just sayin'.

Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday!


  1. I am totally going to need those tips because I just started a nanny job where I am gone 5 nights out of the week and can't see my husband! (thats long distance for us hahaha)

    1. Whoa! 5 nights! Yeah, that could be considered long distance! But will yall have any time to see each other for a quick lunch or anything in between?
      If not it might kind of be a bummer, but being able to miss each other a little bit does a lot of good stuff for a relationship too! I think it helps you appreciate each other a little bit more. :)
      Whenever I go out of town for a couple days, my bf is all over me when I get back... it's so sweet!

  2. They do suck! but sometimes they make you stronger!

    Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! Drop by and say hello!

  3. My husband and I had a long distance relationship and have found that now that we're married we're better off for it --- meaning, we don't need to be in each other's faces all the time and actually love our individual alone time!

  4. I'm so excited about this! My man and I have been long distance for 2 years and are FINALLY moving in together at the end of the month! Couldn't have found your blog at a better time :) I actually found you from the twitter hop WEEKS ago and am just finally getting around to seeing people's blogs hahah. I'm so behind on life.

    1. Wow, 2 years! That's such a long time! But it's awesome that you're finally getting to be together again. All I can think of now is the song reunittttttteeddd annndd it feeeeeels sssssoooooo gooooood." Haha I love that song! :) Have fun makin' up for lost time with your man! ;)

  5. I'm long distance lovin' too! It does suck I agree but I feel like Richard and I have grown a lot since last year when he left. Plus, when he comes home it is so great to see him and love on him! I'm so pumped to follow you and hear all about your relationship!

  6. Hi! I saw you on the link up! Love your blog!
    Hope you had a good day! Stop by and say hi :)

  7. Hey girl! Following you via GFC from the Find + Follow Friday link up. Looking forward to keeping up with all that you have going on around here :) I actually have a giveaway starting up this Friday that I would love for you to get in on. Giving away some of my favorite things, I always love to share! You can find me at See ya around.

  8. I love your blog : ) & I read your tid bit about long distance relationships! I have been in one for over 2 years now and still currently learning about the do's and dont's. Loved reading what you had to say : )

    New Follower!

  9. Distance is the worst! I'm a military wife, so I'm about an expert on that now. ;) Hugs! And thanks SO MUCH for linking up with us again! Hope to see you next time, lady! :D

    -Nicole @ Me + the Moon

  10. Aww, you guys are cute together! I'm a new follower from GFC, your blog is cute & I'm off to read around a little. Happy Monday!

  11. Such sweet photos. Distance is hard, wishing you guys the best. Now following you via the blog hop and would love a follow back..all the best!Monica

  12. I loved the nick name and the guest post. I am a new follower from GFC, please stop by


  13. Hi :) I found you through the blog hop, and I am now following, maybe you could follow back?

  14. I was once in long distance relationship as well. We were in a long distance for 19 months, or more or less one and a hlaf year. And I know it is hard! It really is! Stay strong! :) I wish you guys the best!

    anyhoo... I saw you on the blog hop. i followed you and i hope you can ckech mine and follow as well. :)

  15. What a beautiful couple. And yes, long distance sucks BUT it does build a wonderful communication foundation which will last forever. I'm grateful for that. I'm a proud new follower because I can't wait to read more!

    Follow back if you want! :)

    Cathy Trails

  16. woah your guest post in Just Bri was o inspiring!¨congrats for the 6th anniversary!!i'm so used to seing my boyfriend everyday that i dont know what i'll do if we went long distance for a long period of time...

    anyways found you through followers to friends blog hop =) new follower here, maybe you can check my blog and follow if you like =)


  17. I used to be in a long distance relationship too. Clearly I said used to so it didn't work. I hated it and it sucked. Biiiiiiiig time. Good luck with yours. You guys are adorable!!!!!!!!

  18. I can't imagine how hard a long distance relationship is. Good luck, I'm sure you guys can do it. You make an adorable couple!

  19. Long distance relationships must really suck! I don't think I could do it!

  20. New follower from Living in Yellow! I'm headed to read your tips now, cause Lord knows I need 'em!


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