The best thing a woman can wear her smile!

I couldn't agree more.
You could be the most attractive woman on earth, but if you've got a grumpy frown on your face...
Chances are, you will look much, much less attractive.
And by chances, I mean 100%.
A smile lights up any face and can be so contagious.

Don't get me wrong though, one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone TELLS me to smile.
I couldn't hate that more.
It's the most annoying thing ever!
I'll smile if I want to smile, not because some creep demands for me to smile.
I shouldn't have to do things without you putting in any effort!

Life isn't always peachy and I'm sorry,
but I can't just have a permanent smile slapped on my face.
My cheeks would would fall off.

I can, however, smile when life is good.
And I can try to think good thoughts, even when it isn't.

So where ever you go, flash those pretty pearlies and strut that gorgeous smile.
And do it because you want to!
It'll do you wonders.


  1. This is so true, and it's amazing how much better smiling will make you feel!

  2. LOVE this. Thanks for sharing it! It really is one of my pet peeves too when people tell me to "smile." I like the point you make, too, about thinking happy/good/uplifting thoughts. We really can control our thoughts and thinking happy makes you happy. Loved this post- thanks for sharing it with us! :)

  3. truth! but seriously - I hate being told to smile. haha

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  5. this is so true! so glad i came across your blog through GFC Blog Hop! Cant wait to read and follow!

  6. new follower from GFC Blog Hope, loveee your blog!!!! =)

  7. new[est] follower. your blog is adorablE!

    stop by sometime!

  8. That's a wonderful quote. Life isn't always peachy but it does help to think some good thoughts.

    Found you through Find and Follow Friday. Super cute blog. Can't wait to read more!

  9. love this post, i totally agree!

    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  10. Love this post! I hate being told to smile (hello, work), but if its genuine, its much better!

  11. I am a new follower! Love your blog!

  12. thanks for posting.

  13. so true :) im a new follower :) come say hi

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