Free Ad Swap Action!

Hey all you lovely bloggers!
I've finally put together my spiffy new sponsor page!

I've decided to offer free ad swaps for the time being so I can help this little ol' blog of mine grow and hopefully meet many, many more sweet new bloggers in the process.
I'm pretty sure this blogging thing is here to stay and even though I've only been a blogger since June (whuuuut upppp 3 months!), I've already had so much fun.

As of right now, I have 
230+ followers via GFC
510+ followers via Pinterest and Twitter.
And last month I had 1,587 pageviews.

I've met some really great people who have amazing blogs - and I'm so excited to continue the friend making! Now I'm ready to offer some blog space to all of blogland.

All of the ads are free of course - all you have to do is fill out the PassionFruit thingy, which you can find at the top of my page in the navigation bar under "sponsor."
Or, just to make it super easy - you can click right ova heerrrrrrre and you'll be all set!

So, without further adieu.... the only question I have for you is:


  1. This is awesome! I'm offering free swaps as well :)


  2. just added your button to my blog. And I signed up for one on yours! I am excited.

    1. Thank you so much for swapping! I'm beyond excited too! The only thing is - I just approved someone else for the feature spot, which is the same one you wanted! :(
      So you can pick a different ad size to be displayed now and then I'll reserve the next featured spot for you and that will start on Oct. 17th.
      No one has gotten an X-Large ad yet, so I would pick that one, because those stay at the top on the left sidebar and are only rotated with 2 others. Then in October, your ad will move to the featured spot!

      Thanks again for swapping! I look forward to reading more from your blog! :)

  3. Thanks so much for adding my button! Love your blog by the way, i love the layout of it!!

  4. are you swapping buttons? let me know! love your blog and am following!

  5. Yup, sure am! You can fill out the form here:

  6. Thank you most for swapping! i am on the far side excited too! the sole factor is - I simply approved some other person for the feature spot, that is that the same one you wanted!

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  7. Glad I found you! I just signed up for your swap, and you can reserve 60 days of swap spot on my blog here:



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