Sucky blogger.

So I feel like a sucky blogger as of late.
Ok, I have been a sucky blogger as of late. I know.
No need to remind me. I get it.
I've completely fallen off the face of the blogosphere - but never fear my friends, I have returned!

And we've got so much to talk about!

From mid August till now I've been pulled in every direction possible.
First, it was a trip out of town to Galveston beach before classes started.
Then classes started.
Next, homework and studying happened.
Then football season occurred. FOOTBALL SEASON, PEOPLE!
Have I ever told you guys how much I freaking LOVE football season?
I haven't? Or maybe I have. I can't remember.
But I most certainly do love it. It's like the highs of life are over when football season is over.
Football, man.
It's a big thing around here.

Ok, where was I?
Oh yeah - after the football watching, and beer drinking, and wing eating....
There was a dog who got an allergic reaction to flea bites, and then developed a really bad hotspot.
And then there were dogs who wore shoes.
There was reading and more homework.
And lab write ups (that group lab partners didn't do their fair share of!).
And finally, there's been mucho politics. Politics galore up in this house! I've become addicted to reading the news, watching the news, tweeting and facebooking the news... It's a wee bit ridiculous.
But hey - it's my country's future, man!

So anyways, all of this finally brings me to today.
What an awesome day today was.
Yesterday I was thinking "hey, maybe if I put some rain-x on my windshield, it will rain or something."
You know, like when you're at a restaurant and your food is taking forever so someone goes to the bathroom and it's there before they get back. Yeah, like that.
I didn't actually ever put the rain-x on my windshield, but today on my way to class about 3 minutes down the road - I kid you not - it's starts pouring like never before!
I mean the rain was coming down so hard I could barely see the lines on the road and I hydroplaned a couple times. Scary! But I'm so happy it's finally raining!
And you guys know how much I love rain. :) We've needed it so badly lately, so it was definitely a nice surprise.

The class I had today was Chemistry (lecture and lab) and I cannot say enough good things about my chemistry professor. I took her for Intro to Chem last semester and she literally explains things like you're five. I mean, if you can't pass that class with an A, you seriously need to drop out of college. She taught the lecture part last semester and we had a different professor for the lab part. He SUCKED. He was hard to understand, didn't explain anything at all, and was so rude. But THIS semester, for Chem I,
my professor is teaching not only the lecture but also the lab as well, and today was our first lab. She is probably one of the best, if not THE best professor I've ever had.
I swear - she makes me want to be a chemistry major! She's that darn good.

After class, I picked up some pizza rolls on the way home and when I got to the apartment I was definitely in for another surprise!
The boyfriend was in the middle of cleaning the ENTIRE house! I was so thrilled! It was all spick and span - he even cleaned the fan blades. The fan blades, people.
What more could you ask for?
Well I could have asked for folded laundry, but a clean house and clean fan blades is good enough babe. Good enough. :)

Oh - and I almost forgot to mention - I finally got my first VoxBox from Influenster today!
It's a Naturals VoxBox, so all of the products are made with natural, organic ingredients or materials.
I can't wait to test out the products and see which ones are my favorites.

So, for now, that's all I have. But I will be back on my blogger grind tomorrow and hopefully every day from now on.
Ok, maybe every other day. ;)
Peace out peeeeeeeeps!

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  1. Fun to read your update! I am excited for football season too! We just moved to Gainesville and got season tickets to UF games. Excited to experience football in the south!


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