Memorization Equals DEATH!!!

That's what my physics professor says.
We're not allowed to memorize anything.
You have to fully grasp the concept and be able to demonstrate to him that you know what the efff you are talking about.
No bullshitting here, my friend.
All the questions require essay answers.
So wish me luck on my first physics exam tomorrow!

Hopefully the loads of studying I'll be doing tonight will help. Or something like that.

I actually really like my physics class.
Ask me that tomorrow, though, after the test.
It's only been a month and I've already learned so many cool things I never knew before.
It's amazing the things you learn in college!
Who'ddaa thunk?!

Anywhoo - I can feel the sticky tentacles of school life dragging me to the library and classes and days that last from 11:30 am to 9:10 pm, which means my blogging life is taking a major hit.
It's a little sad. I was just starting to really get into this whole blogging gig.

But, through all the 3 1/2 hour classes, study time, homework, and countless sleepless nights, I will make an effort to continue blogging.
So please bear with me if you see sporadic posts from now until Christmas break!
I've got so much that I still haven't had time to blog about, but I'll try my best to make an appearance every now and then.

I hope you guys stay with me!
It'd be a lot cooler if you did.
10 points to you if you know who said this movie line.

So even though my posts may be minimal from time to time, I do have some exciting things coming up this week that you should definitely be on the look out for!
The first one takes place tomorrow, so come back to find out what that is.

The second one takes place on Saturday.
I'll be puttin' my horns up at the Texas vs West Virginia football game! \m/
Hook 'em HORNS!

So I'll have lots of awesome pics for you to stalk look at.
You don't wanna miss it.

Now my friends, it's time for me to go eat dinner and get back to physics!
I'm going to make this test my bitch.

Happy Tuesday, yo.


  1. >.< Physics!!! Good luck on your test!

  2. Good luck! I took both of my required physics classes two years ago and it was the first test I ever had that was basically a blank sheet a paper with a few problems on it. No multiple choice there! Study hard, you will do great! :)

  3. Good Luck! I absolutely love your blog!! One of your newest followers.



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