What's For Dessert?!

Fall is by far the best time of the year for delicious, stick to your ribs, food.
And it's ever better for desserts and yummy breakfasts!
Pumpkin, apples, caramel, spice, pecans, walnuts, warm maple syrup.
Life doesn't get any better.

I've been dying to try these recipes as soon as I can peel myself away from the library and my textbooks.
I may just have to wait until December break, but late is better than never in my book.

First up, Silver Dollar Pumpkin Pancakes from the fabulous Ree Drumond aka The Pioneer Woman.
I'm a sucker for all things pumpkin and I've never had pumpkin pancakes, so this recipe is at the top of my list!

I think I could eat about 8 of these.

Next up, apples. 
Apple Compote, Apple Cupcakes, and delicious Apple Butter.
Who in the heck doesn't love apple butter?!
No one, that's who.
I'd be suspicious of anyone that doesn't love apple butter.
These recipes are from the lovely Missy at Pink Pistachio. (I love her blog! So stinkin' cute!)

{via Missy}

And finally, here's an amazing Plum Strudel from Saveur and a gorgeous Sparkling White Peach Sangria from The Kitchn. Ok so maybe Sparkling White Peach Sangria is more summery than fall-ish, but I'm not following the rules here. Rules schmules! 
Looks delicious either way. And besides, you need something tasty to wash down all the pumpkin, apple, and cinnamony goodness with.

{via Saveur and TheKitchn}

Mmm.... on second thought... I may have to bump the plum strudel and peach sangria to the top of the list. 
Looks so good, I'm starting to drool on myself.
I need a plum strudel and peach sangria, stat!
Anyone wanna make it for me and have it delivered to the library? Or my house.
Which ever works best for you is totally cool with me. :)

What are you guys craving this fall?


  1. Hello! I found your blog through the blog hop and these are making my mouth water!

    Dani xx
    My Make-up & Beauty Obsession!

  2. Oooohhhhhhhhhh man those look gooooood! I'm actually speechless lol.
    Thank you for linking up to Followers to Friend's blog hop, I hope you met some cool new bloggy friends :)
    Happy Halloween x

    P.S. Shabby Apple are giving away a dress on my blog if you want to enter!

  3. I am craving home made pumpkin pie, but these look delicious!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. Oh yeah, pumpkin pie is a given! I can eat pumpkin pie any time of the year. My sister makes this pumpkin pie that has spiced apples on the bottom layer. It's a pumpkin and apple pie in one. The best of both worlds, for sure. It's SO delicious! I'm gonna have to make one soon and post about it!

  4. I found you on the blog hop and I am your newest follower :)
    Follow each other? :)

  5. OMGoodness everything looks so yummy! ** New follower** Via the find+follow friday blog hop :)

  6. That looks amazing! I found you via the blog hop and I've loved looking through it! :)

    xoxo Mason (

  7. Your pictures are seriously torturing me at my desk right now! I think I'll be having some pumpkin pancakes for lunch today :)

    I'm your newest follower from the blog hop and can't wait to get to know you better. Hope you'll return the favor at

  8. They all look delicious! Now I'm craving something sweet!! New follower from bog hop. Hope you'll stop by and visit Happy Go Lucky -

    Now I'm off to read more of your blog:)

  9. oh my holy molly! these look amazing and now im craving deserts. Apple crumble and custard, English traditional totally favourite!
    Thanks for joining in the blog hop hun!
    xx Rachel

  10. Great recipes. New GFC follower from the heavenly treats blog hop. Glad to find your blog.

  11. I just started following you & I cannot wait to read more. Your little blog is so cute :) I love it! & fyi that food looks delish!


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