a profession of love

Day 5 of Jenni's Blog Every Day in May Challenge is to publicly profess your love for another blogger friend and this one was a total no brainer!

I immediately thought of Casey, from We Took the Road Less Traveled because if I could only ever read one blog for the rest of my life -- hers would be it.
She's seriously that amazing. Casey and I share many things in common -- a love for traveling around Europe, an affinity for good food, an obsession with wine and more importantly, we both have a thing for sarcasm and dry humor. This girl cracks me up! While we're not friends in real life, with the way she writes I feel like we could be.

She's a dedicated Air Force wife, takes the most beautiful pictures, has the sweetest hubby ever, lives in Germany (what what!), galavants around Europe and knows how to plan a European vacation like nobody's business.

But best of all, Casey is funny, she's witty, she writes like a pro (I'm so envious of her impeccable writing skills -- she's a published poet for Pete's sake!), she's entertaining, and she's so down to earth that even though I've only met her in blog land she makes me feel like I've known her for years. 

Plus, she's gorgeous! Love you Casey! Your blog literally rocks my socks off.


  1. I love her blog too!! I'm having a blast following you through Blog Every Day In May! It's getting tough towards the end.


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