things that make me uncomfortable

I'm uncomfortable when...

:: my roots have grown out way too long because I'm way over due for a hair appointment.

:: someone tells me to smile. Um, why don't you do something to make me smile? Tell me a funny joke
   or pay me a compliment. A sweet compliment on my outfit or my eyes goes a long way! I don't like
   smiling on command.

:: people take pictures when of me when I'm not ready or I'm in the middle of saying something. Hey,
   where's the forewarning, Jack?!

I'm uncomfortable when...

:: I try a new recipe and it turns out horrible so I have to throw it away. This only happened once, but it
   kills me to throw away food like that. Or when we let the leftovers in the fridge spoil. So terrible!

:: thinking I did really well on a test only to find out, nope you sucked! This is also rare, but sometimes
   procrastination bites me in the butt and I don't study like I should. I'm a straight A student -
   anything lower and it ruins my day!

:: sales people follow you around the store and try to find things you might like. Ahem, Buckle. I hate
   this! Unless I ask for your help finding something, please don't bother me while I'm shopping. I get
   that it's your job and they make you do it, but dang it's annoying!

:: I go swimming or snorkeling in the ocean and my hair becomes this horrific, unruly rat's nest that
   takes gobs of conditioner to make soft and silky again. Long, wet, tangled hair is frustrating and so
   not sexy.

I'm uncomfortable when...

:: my heart starts racing because I think I've lost my iPhone somewhere. I start to have a mini panic
   attack and literally become a crazy person trying to find it!

:: my toenail or fingernail polish is chipped. Yikes! I can't stand looking at it or having others look at it.
   I feel judged.

:: I know for a fact that someone is lying to me. The quickest way to piss me off is blatant lying. Don't
   make me cut you!

:: getting caught by the apartment office people having my dogs off a leash. I'm sorry, but they can't be
   cooped up in an apartment, they need to run free! Going for a "walk" tied to a leash just ain't gonna
   cut it.


  1. Hi,
    New follower from the blog hop please come follow me back :)

  2. Ugh I kinda hate swimming in the ocean just because of my hair - aka I'm pathetic

  3. I completely understand with the dog thing. We let our dog just run around free. He knows the boundaries and doesn't bite anyone.

  4. i could have used so many of these as well, especially the dog one and sales people following you. buckle is the worst!
    have a great day (:

  5. Glad to know I am not the only person who gets uncomfortable with some of these.


  6. I used to feel really uncomfortable and annoyed by the sales people as well, but now I am better at handling it and it doesn't bother me anymore. What makes me uncomfortable is when beggars follow you around the "farmers" market with their hat (or hand) up real close/blocking your way.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  7. haha I agree with most of these. I have been known to leave nail polish on way after it chips. Oops.

  8. I totally love that you did a whole post to share these things! I can totally relate to them too. I hate pictures where I'm not way!

  9. Agh I've had a handful of times I've tried a new recipe that wasn't worth eating/saving so it all went in the trash :-( Never fun wasting food.

    New follower from the Blog Love facebook group!

  10. The roots problem. Yes. I don't really realize it until pictures tart making me look like a skunk. Um, my hair doesn't look THAT bad in real life! Hahah!


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