It's the Freakin' Weekend

Baby, gonna have me some fun! 
Name that tune.

Actually, that was a lie.
I probably won't be having too much fun this weekend, because I've got 3 tests to study for. Yes three. One today (chemistry) and two more (physics and biology), both on Monday. 
Oh joy! Wish me luck.
So since there won't be much time for blogging, I decided to get a jump on it and write my first ever (yay!):

Friday's Letters

Dear Garmich, Germany, I miss you like crazy. I miss your beauty, your laid-back lifestyle, and all of the outdoor adventures you have to offer. I miss bike ridding through your amazing town and gorgeous mountains, walking through the fußgänger, and having a beer and pizza at the Irish pub. I also miss you because I miss my mom and dad terribly, and I can't wait to come back to visit them. We've got some catching up to do, Garmisch, so expect to see me next summer (if not this winter)!

Dear Zach, Thanks for making the 35 minute drive to San Marcos with me to get a meningitis shot for school on your day off last week. It was so much fun laughing at your lame silly jokes and spending the day with you. :) And thanks for taking me to Freebirds to get a steak burrito smothered in hot sauce and death sauce. It was the perfect way to clear my sinuses and made me feel a little less achy. Seeing the movie Argo afterwards was a nice treat too. You sure know how to have a fun-filled day after needles and cold rain. Love ya babe!

Dear Longhorns, You better bring your A-game on Saturday! Y'all were playing so well until that horrifying game that shall not be mentioned, and the game against KU was an ugly, ugly win. If you guys can play that ugly and still pull off a win, then I know that when you play at your best - you're untouchable. So bring it on Saturday because we're all counting on you to make Texas proud! 
RISE n SHINE Horns! Hook'em.

Dear Self, You need to get your butt back to the gym like, yesterday. This is not helping you. Just because it's officially hibernation season, doesn't mean anyone needs those hibernating bear's extra pounds. And just because you're super busy with school, doesn't mean you can slack off and not go to the gym as much anymore. Want that spring break bod back? Hit the gym, PRONTO.

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  1. LOVE your site girl! So adorable, and so well done! :) Keep it up. XOX Angela

  2. Remix to Ignition by R. Kelly! I sing that song at least once a week! :)

  3. We are about to PCS from Germany and I will miss Garmisch!!! So beautiful there, especially in the summer and fall. I'm going to miss germany but am looking forward to the next chapter :)

  4. Beautiful images (especially the Longhorns!,,, I'm a Texas girl), And hey, you look GREAT... don't be so hard on yourself. Found you on The Awesome Blog Hop, following you everywhere.

  5. I'm so glad you found my blog!! You are GORGEOUS, girl! And I don't blame you- I would want to go back to Germany too. And yay for Zach's! :)


  6. Runnin' her hands through my fro, bouncing on 24's... :)

    Happy weekend!

  7. Those first few pictures are gorgeous! They look like a postcard. Also, love me some R. Kelly. Except not really cause he's a little creepy. But still, GREAT song!

  8. love the photo of germany! did your longhorns win? i am a texas girl too! Found you through the Sunday Sync!
    Helene in Between

  9. So I know EVERY word to that song.. and I'm not ashamed. Good jam.
    HOOK 'EM Horns.. I'm fairly new to the blog world and your the first fellow longhorn I've seen.

    Makes me think I need to post some horn pride .

  10. that last picture makes me wish I was at the beach!


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