Happy 4th!!!

It's the 4th of July!

We kicked off the day with a little fun in the sun by the pool.
We soaked up some sun rays with our friends, Tommy and Kristi, and Zach's brother Trent, his wife Adrian, and their little cutie patootie Taylan. 

Zach and Tommy played volleyball bolleyball {that's what we call it 'round these parts} while Kristi and I played with little TayTay. Trent was on baby duty today since that's usually Adrian's job when the little guy gets sleepy. Mommas need their "me" time too!

After a little swimming and some bbq, Zach and I headed home to meet up with my big sister, Jenny.
The three of us went to the Nutty Brown Cafe & Amphitheater to see Bob Schneider and watch the firework show. 
We missed the first couple bands, but we saw the one before Bob Schneider came one. And we drank margaritas. YUM! They were so tasty! And we talked to the pretty parrot. :) And people watched. {Boy, were there some characters!}
I can't wait to go back and actually try some food. The stuff on their menu sounds delicious! 

Finally, Bob came on and we jammed out a little. Later we watched the fireworks and surprisingly Bob played again after. Zach wasn't feelin' it though because he had to be up and ready for work at 4am! So he was counting every last second until the show was finally over. 4am shifts are such a bummer. But sister and I had a really good time. :)

Jen has been listening to Bob Schneider since forever ago. We used to ride in her truck with her when we were little and listen to him. She's also got a boy-toy crush on the dude. Scruffiness and all! Who doesn't like a little scruffiness?!

I'm glad I got to spend this day with great friends and family.
I hope everyone's 4th was amazing!

Happy 4th of July! :)



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    1. No, I've never gotten that before! But she's cute, so I'll take that as a compliment. :)
      I love your blog too! I was just reading your "About Me" and we have lots in common. And your love story is awesome! I really need to find the time to write about mine!

      Anyway, thanks for following! I'm following you too. :)


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