I love you s'more everyday.

It's our 6th anniversary! :):)
Geez louise, I can't believe it's already been six years since we first started dating.
It's crazy how fast time flies.

We originally wanted to get all dressed up and go to some fancy schmancy restaurant, but after Zach's long day at work and my long day of driving all over Austin running errands, we decided to keep it low key and opt for some good ol' greasy hot wings instead!

We went to this little bar & grill called Zinger's over in the hill country galleria. We had a friend tell us they have the absolute best hot wings in town. Which, is a pretty big statement to make here in Austin because Plucker's is known as the wing bar around these parts.
Dem's fighting words to Plucker's lovers!
If you don't like their wings, those mother pluckers will give you the bird!

We were a little skeptical, but still intrigued, so we had to check it out.
I didn't think we'd be able to sit outside because the heat around here lately has been ridonkulous!
Yes, I said ridonkulous. That means extremely ridiculous. Ridonkulous. See how that works? But anyway. I've gotten off subject. Where was I? Oh yes, the heat. Luckily, it was starting to cool off so we got to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.

We're both looking off into the distance because we were enjoying the "hill country sunset views."
Inside joke.

To start off, we ordered fried pickled spears and mozzarella sticks...

And if you haven't ever had fried pickle spears in your life, you my friend, are sorely misisn' out! They will change your life.

Zach had a beer and I got a delicious strawberry margarita. Yum!

We got 18 XX hot hot wings and beer fries with sea salt. Boy, oh boy, were they delicious! And hot. And crunchy. And hot. Just the way we like it. It was sooooo good. Makes you feel all sexy and skinny with all that wing sauce everywhere and all that deep fried food you just ate! 
Boudoir, here we come! 
Haha, not really.
Couch is more like it...

The wings were pretty amazing, but I don't know which are better.
Plucker's is pretty darn good, but I loved how crunchy these were.
And I definitely liked the beer fries better than waffle fries.
Zinger's may have just become our new fav spot for hot wings...!

When we got home, we relaxed on the couch with a good movie and a bottle of wine.
Just perfect, if you ask me!

I love you babe. S'more everyday. :)



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  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Those hot wings look fabulous!! So does that margarita AND wine!!!

  3. hm, this made me want some wings!
    been going through your blog for half hr now. and I love it.
    your funny and yourself. which is pretty awesome if u ask me.
    found you through followers to friends.

    1. Aw, why thank you! And thanks for commenting - you're so sweet! You can bet I'll be headed to your part of blogland as well. :)


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