If ya' ain't from Texas... just wouldn't understand.

❤ the lone star state and I'm extremely proud of being from Texas. 
Most of us just can't help it; it's bred into us. 
We take pride in our beautiful state, and, yeah maybe it's led us to be a bit cocky because we think we're the best, but we've got plenty of reasons to back it up!

I'm doing a blog link-up with Amanda for Texas Tuesday to share what being a Texan means to me.

(Don't know what Texas Tuesday is? It's a weekly link-up hosted by Jana and Amanda, that's open to anyone, not just Texans. All you need to do is write about something Texas related, post their little button in your post, then go back here and link up! That's it!)


Things I love about Texas:

Eating juicy Texas grapefruit.

Rodeos and barbecues.

Tailgating Texas Longhorn football games.

Bleeding burnt orange.

Hook 'Em Horns! \m/ 

Floatin' the river {toobin'}.

Starry nights, cowboy boots, and bonfires.

Live music shows in Austin.

Sayings like y'all, dang, heck yeah, fixin' ta, and howdy.

Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes.

Baseball games.

Sno cones.

Sunsets over the ranch.

Circle E Candles.

Miles upon miles of gulf coastline { South Padre Island}.

Southern hospitality with a southern drawl.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

The Alamo.

Lakes and beaches and rivers and mountains and deserts.

A big juicy cheeseburger from Whataburger.

Sweet tea vodka and sun tanning.

The Wisteria Lane scent from Tyler Candle Company.

Micheladas, Margaritas, Mexican Martinis.

Muddin', backroadin', and beer drinkin'.

Country music and lots of boot scootin'.

Tex-Mex which = tamales, enchiladas, and nachos!

Rattlesnakes, Roadrunners, and Armadillos.

90 degrees and higher.

The Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and the Houston Astros.

Thunderstorms, lightning shows, & rain showers.

Texas also means the best family and friends around. :)


Boy, do I love Texas.



  1. I LOOOOVE this!!! VERY unfortunately, I do not live in Texas, however, my grandmother was born in McAllen, and I have a TON of family in the Houston area. Eventually, I hope to live there. I found your blog through the hop it! I'm a newbie too - but I certainly haven't figured out everything you have yet. Time to start researching, I guess! :)

    1. Small world - I grew up in the Valley (the Rio Grande Valley) in a really small town called La Feria! It's about 45 minutes from McAllen I think? My dad used to work for UPS in McAllen. And I have family in the Houston area too! If you ever move to Texas, definitely try to move to the Austin area! I may be biased, but I think it's the best city Texas has to offer... by far! :)

      Thanks for stoping by my blog. I hope you'll stick around! I've got so much to learn about blogging, but if you ever have any questions about something I'd be happy to help. So just shoot 'em my way! I literally just got done making a blog button... I can send you the links I used to make things like that if you want. I'd be nowhere if it weren't for help from blog tutorials!

      Anyway, happy blogging! :)

  2. I, too am from the great state of Texas. I live about an hour from Dallas. I agree, Austin IS the best city Texas has to offer! I found you via a blog hop and so glad I did. I absolutely adore your blog so far. I'm pretty new to this too! By the way- I'm so grabbing your button and posting it on my page! Hope you have a fantastic night & can't wait to read more from you!

    <3 from Texas!

    1. Aww, thank you so much for the sweet comment! It really makes my day when people take the time out to show some love and say such sweet things! I will definitely be checking out your page and I think we'll be seeing lots more of each other. :) That's not creepy, is it? Haha! Have a great weekend girl!


  3. GO TEXAS!!! From your newest fellow Texan follower!! :) Hook'Em!

  4. Totally didn't know about Texas Tuesday!!!! I'm not from Texas, but I keep telling everyone that I got here as fast as I could!!

  5. I also agree that Austin is one of the best cities.... Even though I live in Houston! :) My brother lives in Austin and i'm there every few months!!

  6. Omgeee what a super awesome idea! I'm from Texas too!!! San sad because we want to move to Austin soooo bad! We try to make trips up there every other weekend =D
    P.s. I'm so your newest follower =D


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