Twenty Three in Twenty Three.

I've got twenty three things to accomplish for the twenty three years of my existence.
I'm the mother procrastinator of all procrastinators.
I put the pro in procrastinate.
So this will be a little challenging.
But these will be fun things, not boring, un-exciting things... So that should help!
And since I'm doing this in the middle of the year and not around my birthday, I may have some things that might slip over onto my list later in December {when it's my birthday}.


1. Kayak on Lady Bird Lake.

2. Go on a wine tasting tour.

3.  Make Brioche Stuffed French Toast for breakfast for me and loverbuns. :)


5. Do some volunteer work and apply for UT.

6. Attend a Texas Longhorns football game. Hook 'em HORNS! \m/

7.  Join a sorority.

8. Take a photography class.

9. Start a garden and grow my own vegetables. Organic ones.

10. Be awesome at surfing.

11. Go skinny dipping. ;)

12. Try bungee jumping at South Padre Island.

13. See Kid Cudi in concert again!


14. Run barefoot out side and catch some fireflies. 

15. Decorate my room.

16. Take a bubble bath once a week.

17. Get a pedicure once or twice a month.

18. Make my eyes look like this:


19. Read two books each month. {College textbooks don't count!}

20. Swim with a sea turtle.


21. Learn to snowboard this Christmas in the Bavarian/Swiss Alps.


22. Hike back to this place:

Sebensee, Austria

... and spend the night at the Coburger Hütte under a full moon.

23. Laugh as much as possible. Till my cheeks hurt and I'm doubling over with joy. :)


So there you have it guys! Or gals.
Twenty three things for me to do for the twenty three years I've been on this earth.
What things do you want to do?
Go on and link up with Erin at Living In Yellow and tell us all about it. :)

Now, I'll leave you with my kissy fish face. 

Go on and write you little bloggy bloggers, you!



  1. I will treat you to the wine tasting tour (got a few ideas) for your birthday, an EARLY birthday present. I'm thinking late October, early November - nice fall weather.

    Also, can you add *skydiving* to the list. I need someone to go with me! :) Maybe we can get Dad, Zach, and Nick to join?


    1. Heck yeah I'll go! I think Nick and Zach would go too, but Dad... not so much. The last time I asked him he said "Noooo, I got to live!" Haha! But he said he would go parasailing or paragliding. I want to go paragliding in Garmisch next summer! That would be so much fun. So would wine tasting. :)

  2. Loving your blog, and what a great post to find first to get to know you :) LOVE it.

    Oh and I have been having problems with my google account, but it let me follow your blog via twitter through your GFC, who knew you could even do that?!

  3. What a fun list! Especially swimming with sea turtles!
    I'm thrilled to be your newest follower and would love it if you could return the follow if you get the chance and wish to :)
    Sapir @

  4. Love all of these! I also want to go on a wine tasting tour, especially because I just love wine (a lot.. and I do mean A LOT!)

    And definitely go through recruitment! Joining a sorority was the best decision I EVVVVER made!

    Love the skinny dipping one ;)

    I got to swim with sea turtles this past week while me & the hubby were on vaca in Mexico, it was AH-MAZ-ING!

    #23 is definitely my favorite :)

  5. Great list..I have lists to help me stop procrastinating; they only don't work when I'm too lazy to write/look at them!

    There's some awesome goals on here. Hope you get around to them.

    New follower from Melissa's hop.


  6. That stuffed french toast looks delish! All of your pictures are gorgeous!


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