this bandwagon's got plenty of room...

and I'm totes jumping onboard.
This is, by far, my favorite trend of the year:

The big nerdy glasses that everyone and their momma seems to be sportin' these days.
Aren't big, thick nerd glasses just awesome?
Heck yeah they are. 2012 has been a huge year for nerd glasses, what with the whole geek/nerd movement gaining more and more momentum.
The bigger the better.
That's what she said.

I think they're such a cute and fun accessory, a definite fall must-have.

I wear contacts most of the time, but these glasses are a great way to add a little spice to your outfit.
On days where I'm spending a lot of time at school and in the library (which seems to be never-ending lately), I opt for my glasses because being glued to my books or staring at a computer screen for 12-13 hours a day really isn't good for your eyes.
My eyes tend to dry out pretty easily nowadays, and my babies need to breathe!
Luckily, I can make sure they get the air they need while being super stylish at the same time.

I bought my glasses last year so I missed the big geeky glasses train by a mile, and if you did too - never fear my friends! has a special treat for all of my lucky readers.
When you guys and gals buy glasses from GlassesUSA, you get to take 10% off any order of prescription eyeglasses with the code Blog10.

They also have a storewide offer of 15% off of your entire order amount + FREE shipping on orders of $50 or more. You can use the code FS15.
Now if you're ridiculously picky like me and you're nervous about buying glasses without being able to try them on first, they've got a pretty niffty virtual mirror so you can see what you'd look like.

Personally, I'm loving both the plain black frames and the printed/colored frames.
Combined with a pair of skinny jeans, a cute cardi, and scarf -- you're good to go, my friend.

So go get your online eyeglasses shopping on!
You can thank me later. ;)


  1. I've liked these for years myself. I wear contacts too but i've got a few pairs of glasses and i've got a pair of these in my stash :) I found ya on the Sunday Funday hop, i hope youve had a great weekend.


  2. I'm getting new glasses soon,and I'm seriously considering some of these bigger glasses. Big decision!

  3. Hi Nicole!

    I found your blog through Find + Follow Friday! I love the sort of posts you do, like this one! I wear contacts too and don't mind mixing things up sometimes with frames.

    I'm following you on GFC now and will definitely be back to read more!

    I actually just started my own blog about a week ago (so excited! I also can't wait for my proper design to be finished soon, whoever did yours did a great job!)

    I look forward to reading more :)

    Lauren @

  4. I just broke my glasses and I need new ones!!! Thank you for sharing these info.. I love those nerdy glasses :) (stopping by from the FoleysFam's Blog hop!)..


  5. I'm thanking you now :) I think the nerdy glasses look is such a fun trend this year. So I need to get myself a pair stat. They also look cute when worn on your head like sunglasses to keep your hair outta your face. I'd ask the hubs to get me them for Christmas, but I think he'd just laugh in my face.

    Thanks for linking up at the Super Sunday Sync! Hope to see you back next week :) xo

  6. Seeing this blog makes me think of my son going for an eye exam this morning. I would love to find the perfect one for him so he is not so conscious of it. He is 8 and will probably have a hard time adjusting. I like how these look though. Cool pick.
    I am following you now and would love for you to follow back.

  7. Hee, hee. I have such a hard time with this BIG glasses trend. My head is REALLY round, so they just don't work :(

    Thank you for linking up with Super Sunday Sync this week! hope to see you next week :)

  8. I love the big glasses! They are so cute. :)

  9. I am a big glasses wearing nerd girl, and I love mine! Although, I have been wearing them since I was a kid!

  10. Visiting from Tea on Tues. My kids love those glasses!


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