Awkward + Awesome

So, some of the blogs I started following do a themed Thursday post called Awkward & Awesome. I've always thought themed posts for each day of the week were kind of lame, but this is one I've come to like because sometimes they really crack me up and you find out that you're not the only one that totally weird and awkward things happen to. It's also a fun way to reflect back on the week. There's so many little random things that happen daily, that you would otherwise completely forget about {which I am known to do quite often} and having a place to write them all down, I think, is pretty darn cool. You can read back, years from now and laugh at all the best awkward/awesome things that happened in your life.

So let's get down to it!


1. Trying to take self-portraits of yourself to post to your blog. Ha, I've been doing this for the past couple of days and it is definitely very awkward. Or maybe I just have an awkward face. Or maybe I just suck at taking self-portraits. But taking self-portraits is weird anyways. Trying to get the right angle and make the right face and get the right pose. Taking a gazillion pics only to delete all but 2 or 3 of them. Awkward and annoying. Maybe I need a tripod...

2. Walking around with little flecks of black stuff on your cheeks... stupid clumpy mascara.

3. One of your dogs getting sick and having diarrhea all over the place. Not fun! {And she's actually not my dog, but I take care of her so much that she practically is mine.} The first night she got sick, I didn't think it was that serious so I didn't lock her away in the kennel. The next morning we woke up to a living room soiled with nasty dog poo. Yikes! I went back to bed, without cleaning a thing because hey, she's not my dog. I had to notify the roommate {who was supposed to be at home that night because he knew she was sick, but he decided not to come home at all!} and made him get a steam cleaner. Luckily, he was done before I was on my way out to Houston, so we avoided confrontation. Still awkward though. And gross.

4. Having to clean said dog's ass for a week straight. And take her outside every 20 minutes. So glad that's over!

5. Guys trying to impress chicks, only to make themselves look ridiculous. We had a friend over and on the way up to the apt we met some random girls that our friend invited up. The friend went down to the grass right below our balcony and asked me to throw him the football so he could toss it around with one of the chicks. So, I throw the football down from the balcony, he tries to be cool and kick it... only both of his feet come out from under him and SPLAT! He completely missed the football and fell straight onto his back. Awkward and awesome at the same time. Score!

6. Having your man fight your cat fight battles. On the last episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki's man started a cat fight with Tamra over her giving Vicki "the evil eye" and then he acted like a total jerk about it, trying to instigate a fight. Like, really? Is this something grown men do? How awkward for not only him, but poor Heather! All she wanted was a fun name-changing party, but she got a lot of unwanted drama instead. And for Vicki to think it was okay and end a friendship over all that nonsense? What a bunch of crap, I tell you! It was awkward, but still fun to watch. RHOC is one of my guilty pleasures. Don't judge!


1. Waking up at 7am this morning for no reason at all. Actually there was a reason, but I didn't intend to wake up quite that early. Glad I did though, because I got to watch the news while anxiously awaiting the verdict on the SCOTUS ruling of ACA {the Affordable Care Act}. SCOUTS upheld the law, which is a truly historic and meaningful piece of legislation, and also a great victory for the president and the country. So happy to witness history in the making!

2. Getting to play with these precious pups of mine!

3. Having a sweet little make-out with my honeybun before hittin' the road. I won't bore you with the gushy, delicious details. ;)

4. Getting yo hurrrrrr did! Roots, vamoose! I love getting my hair done. Hello, highlights! You are beautiful. Blonde once again. Best. Thing. Ever. We all know blondes have way more fun. ;)

5. Stopping at a gas station in the middle of nowhere with a cute guy working the register. He said "Howdy!" when I walked in and as I was leaving he smiled a sly little smile and said "have a good'n." Oh, how I love sweet country boys with their southern twang that makes my little ol' heart sang! Must'a been the newly highlighted 'do. Told ya blondes have more fun!

6. Having friends that throw parties and give you diamonds. Holy cow, where do you get friends like that, you ask?! Orange County, that's where! Heather from the RHOC had champagne filled glasses given to all the ladies at her name-changing party and each one had a diamond in it. Only one of them was real. Freakin' Tamra got the real diamond! Jesus woman, you just got a HUGE rock of an engagement ring, in freakin' Tahiti no less, and now you get a real diamond in your champagne glass too?! Life's just not fair. Not fair at all. 

7. Relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine, your best bud and the latest episode of True Blood. Can't beat that. I wanna do bad things with yooouuuuuuu!

Hope your Thursday was a good one!



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    1. I didn't know that... thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it. I'm obviously a rookie so every new tip/trick helps. :)

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and I have to say, I LOOVE and agree with all of your awkward comments... ESPECIALLY the ones about dogs!!! I hatttte when that happens to mine, haha!

    1. Haha! Why thank you for the very kind words! I really appreciate the love. I hope you'll stick around to read more from my blog and future awkward/awesome posts. ;)


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