blog numero tres!

goodness gracious! this must be like the third blog that i've started... but this time around i am determined to keep up with it!

i always get busy and forget about my blog, or i complain that i don't have enough pictures, or i get frustrated when i try to do some photo editing for a cool blog header and can't figure out how to create exactly what i want.

but, today is different. i finally have some extra time on my hands. i took a deep breath and and sat down to figure out how to make the dreaded blog header. it actually wasn't very complicated at all, once i gave myself the chance and patience to google a few things and download picasa. :) i read a quick tutorial and used some pics i've been saving and wha-la, new blog header! it's not quite what i want yet, but i'm still in the process of deciding what that is exactly...

i've also got a very cool nikon coolpix s8200 that i've had for a little while now, but just haven't been taking it everywhere with me like i should (but i am so going to start doing that!). 

anyway, hope you guys enjoy my little blog and the neat things i want to share with you. :)

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