the doggies

this is felix, the rottweiler mix.

he's literally the. best. dog. ever. such a sweetheart! i love this dog to the moon and back. and i love when he yawns because he makes the cutest sounds that i like to mimic. 

and when he hears me and zach talking in the morning after just waking up, i love that he gives us both kisses and stretches out over both of us while we scratch him. it's the best way to wake up. :)

man, this little booger has so much energy! he can swim and run and swim and run and play and swim and run for days. when he gets pooped out, he'll nap for an hour and he's ready to go again! he's full of so much life, that's for sure.

this is zoey, the english bulldog.

she's my little lovebug! she's always following me around the house, always right there next to me. she likes to lay on the couch, all snuggled up with her head nestled into my arm and shoulder (i think felix gets jealous sometimes, because they're always fighting for my attention and couch space!).

i love how sweet she is. and she's so playful and full of energy! that girl can run her little butt off and it's gotta be the cutest thing ever. :) you'd think she'd be slow, but dang she's fast! it's hilarious when she chases me around the house. it makes me laugh so much.

these dogs mean the world to me. i'm so lucky to have two great dogs that have so much personality and spunk. they always make my day. :)


  1. Aww that's so cute. You have an amazing writing style :)

    -The Anon Blogger


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