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so i was broswing pinterest a little while ago, and i stumbled upon this cute little website, which has some wonderful clothing.

this shirt is gorgeous! i love the open arm sleeves and the color is perfect for summer.

what's great about this website is that it has cute summer clothes, but it's not going to burn a whole in your wallet. it's affordable, and not as expensive as places like anthropologie. 

don't get me wrong, anthropologie is a great store, but being the broke college girl that i am... i can't always afford to go shopping there. i love finding places that have similar clothing, at a price that my bank account won't suffer from. 

i absolutely love this color! coral is one of my favorites. 

bright orange is another great color for summer too. these shirts would be a good item to beat the heat in as well. like i've said before, texas summers can be brutal!

here's another website i found today, thanks to a friend on facebook. 

i am so in love with these stone earrings! oh, i can't wait to get some.

finding these charming online stores really makes me wish there was a physical store i could go to. i always get hesitant about buying stuff online because i'm such a picky shopper that i want need to try things on before i buy them. i don't want to deal with the hassle of ordering something, waiting a week or two to get it, and then being disappointed and having to return it.

but, shopping at the mall sucks these days so it looks like i don't have many other options. the good thing though, is that if you find just a couple of good online stores to buy from, that's all you may need. :)

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