foster the people

on tuesday night i went to the foster the people concert at the backyard! it was such a great show, i almost like them better live.

our friend tommy had an extra ticket and he originally invited zach to go with him, but zach had to work at 5 am the next morning, so tommy asked me to go. heck yeah i would go! there's no arm twisting needed there. :)

the backyard is an outdoor venue in bee cave and i've never been to an outdoor concert before, so i was a little worried about how good it would sound. but ftp did an amazing job. they sounded pretty awesome and i was so impressed.

the only downer was that zach wasn't there too, but i'm definitely excited to see more shows there with him in the future. i saw that incubus and young the giant are playing there on october 1st... oh it would be so fun to go! i guess we'll see if we can get some tickets when they go on sale. :)

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