sunshine stylin'

i think every girl needs a few pairs of great sunglasses! but, you don't need to spend a fortune just because you want something designer. expensive sunglasses do not mean better protection for your eyes. you're really only paying for the name, and if you like to shop smart, then you shop like me.

these days, everyone's obsessed with ray-ban, oakley, etc... which i must admit, i'm a fan of ray-ban too, but i would be really upset if i spent $150 bucks on sunglasses that i ended up breaking, scratching, or losing. last summer i had a friend who knocked my sunglasses off the chair and onto some rocks and he cracked them! they were my favorite pair of sunglasses ever! but thankfully they only cost me $16 and he was able to buy me another pair. then i ended up scratching the new pair on something in my purse... so as you can see, i haven't had much luck with sunglasses lately.

which is why i love finding affordable ones, just in case there's another unexpected mishap.

big chunky ones are good for a lazy day at the pool, or out shopping.

i like these from steve madden.

aviators are an absolute must! they're my favorite style of sunglasses. i don't think i could live without them!

these are from steve madden too.

happy {thrifty} shopping, everyone! :)

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