true blood!

waiting SUCKS!!! but, the waiting part is finally over because season 5 of true blood starts tonight!

{i love this song! it's possibly the greatest intro ever.}

if you've never watched true blood before, you're sorely missing out! more than 10 million people have been turned and you must be living under a rock if you haven't seen it yet. or you just don't have hbo. one of the two. but, if you don't have hbo then it's definitely time to rent the dvds and catch up so you can watch the new season!

in true blood, vampires not only exist, but the whole world knows about them. they've finally been able to "come out of the coffin" thanks to a japanese scientist's invention of synthetic blood, true blood. they're now able to coexist with humans without wanting to devour them all to pieces and they don't have to hide in the shadows anymore. for the most part, humans have been removed from the menu, however, many people remain apprehensive about vampires living amongst them.

sookie stackhouse is a local barmaid in the southern town of bon temps, louisiana and she understands what it's like to be an outcast. she's burdened with the curse of being able to hear everyone's thoughts. but she's one of the few open to the thought of living with vampires. she's actually very intrigued by them.

she's especially intrigued with the handsome bill compton (partly because she can't read his thoughts, which is a nice escape), who's a 173 year old vampire that lives up the road in an old mansion. she's drawn to the mystery that surrounds bill and they develop a loving relationship that will be put to the test.

tara is sookie's best friend (and she's absolutely hilarious) and jason (her brother) is absolutely dumb and gorgeous. lafayette also works at the bar with sookie and he's a great character too.

eric is another vampire who lusts for sookie, and in later seasons when bill and sookie can't seem to have a relationship without sookie almost being killed several times, eric swoops in to try to steal her.

sookie is constantly finding herself in the middle of trouble, and the werewolf, alcide, makes sure to look after her as well. there's a very interesting and thrilling love triangle, and you never know who she's going to pick.

true blood is definitely chock full of hot guys all vying to make sookie their own. it's part mystery, part fantasy, part comedy, and all wildly imaginative. it makes for great entertainment. :)

but it's not all romancy, there's definitely lot's of drama and blood and gore to go around, so even guys will love the show. plus, there's lot's of sex and nudity. so i don't think you need to say much else to get your guy interested in watching it! what guy doesn't love blood and guts and nude chicks!? ;)

the show has a great cast of characters. i think each one plays their parts so well and it gives the show such a great feel. the casting directors did an amazing job. i just love every single actor they picked. sookie, jessica, jason, tara, andy, sam, hoyt, eric, pam, bill, lafayette, arlene, terry, alcide, russell, luna... and everyone in between. they're all amazing.

it's unlike anything else on tv. it's tantalizing and enticing. it sucks you in and all you want to do is watch it again and again! the fun horror of true blood is more macabre, more perverse, and not to mention gorier than most shows of its kind to date. it's addictive and can make you obsessive, almost as if you were on V too! (you gotta watch it if you don't get it!)

{all truebies, vampires, and fang-bangers welcome!}

you know, i'm so excited about true blood starting tonight i think i might just start over from season one and watch as many episodes as i can! i hope y'all enjoy the new episode tonight just as much as i will. ;)

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