monkey business

so, last monday i made a little trip down to houston to hang with my ankle biter cousins, my cool older cousin, and the most awesome-est aunt ever.

we played wii, watched movies and the real housewives of new york & orange county, made brownies and pineapple upside down cake, ate pizza, went swimming, shopped at the galleria, had fits over chocolate milk and slushies, jumped on the trampolines at sky zone, and played in the jungle gym at the stomping grounds.

i wish i would've snapped more pictures, because these make me crack up!

{left to right: havva, connor, meva. bottom: noah}

havva really makes me crack up with her speedo goggles and toothy smile! she has super duper long eyelashes and it looks so cute with the hot pink goggles smashed up against her face. she looks like a cute little sea monster. makes my heart melt!

i should have gotten a better close-up, but there were tons of little splish-splashers all over the place and i didn't want my phone to get wet or accidentally dropped in the pool. cuz that would be no bueno.

it sure was an eventful week! i love getting to spend time with family. especially since i feel like i have such a small one.

and getting to hang out with the cousins is always fun. they're getting so big and way smarter than you think. they also remember they don't forget a thing!

so don't make promises you can't keep around those munchkins. because they will hold ya to it!

these are the super awesome coasters that my cool younger-but-older-than-the-ankle-biters cousin, connor, made for me out of leather.

fancy, don't cha think? i love them. he's so crafty and talented. what an awesome cousin. love ya, dude!

after the week in houston, i came home on thursday night to watch game 7 of the finals with my man and a house full of people - which i was not expecting {thanks for the heads up, babe} and i'm sad to say that okc lost, but i am glad to say that lebron finally has a championship ring after 9 long years. so glad that people can shut up now! way to go lebron. they can suck it!

after the game, i had a ridiculous headache. but my friends and wonderful boyfriend managed to drag me out of the house to go downtown for drinks. i felt much better after a couple drinks {who doesn't, right?} and the night ended up being a pretty epic one.

it also ended with zach and kristi eating a bratwurst from a street vendor. and zach {who doesn't even like sauerkraut} chowed down on the most sloppiest, but tastiest sauerkrauty, mustardy, ketchupy jalape├▒o bratwurst ever. maybe it was because it was 2 am. but holy jeebus that thing was delicious!

that boy was leaned up like a cholo on the side of a parked van, while he scarffed that thing down, with sauerkraut and mustard and ketchup all over his face and dripping onto the sidewalk. for some reason though, he didn't finish the last bite and chunked it up in the air behind the van.

i can only imagine the poor sap who got beamed in the head with that mess! {everyone stands around in the middle of 6th street after the bars close and they just hang out. eat food. stumble around drunkenly. you know.} and oh my gosh, why in the hell i didn't snap a picture of that lovely face smothered in condiments, i'll never know. must'a been the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol.

oh well, i'm sure there's more of that to come in the future. reason #438054854302 why you must carry your camera with you at all times. lesson learned.

it's saturday night, which means tomorrow in sunday. sunday funday. tonight though, it's movie night with the roomies. :)

hope your weekends are fabulous!

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